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Welcome to the homepage of Frederikshavn upper secondary school and HF-Course. The upper secondary school (GB) / high school (USA) is situated in the northernmost municipality of Denmark in the town of Frederikshavn, which is the gateway from continental Europe to the Scandinavian countries. The upper secondary school of Frederikshavn has approximately 840 students and 80 teachers.

At our upper secondary school we offer qualifying youth educations with duration of two or three years, that build on the final exam from the Danish elementary school. The 2-year long youth education in Denmark is called "HF", while the 3-year long education is called "gymnasium". The Gymnasium is the most frequent youth education in Denmark. As part of our HF-Course we also have a special navigation & shipping education, where it is possible to aim the youth education on a maritime career.

Frederikshavn upper secondary school & HF-Course is open towards Europe and the rest of the world. We are an active part of international partnership programmes, for instance through the "Young Scientists" programme. We have ties of friendship and cooperation with schools in Bremerhaven (Germany), Weert (The Netherlands) and Salamanca (Spain). We also recently had a visit from students and teachers from Hikada High School in Wakayama, Japan. Every year we have exchange students, for instance from the U.S. or Australia, who come to study at our school. In our view, education and learning must be seen in an international context.

The following languages are studied by our students: English, German, French and Spanish. Every student at Frederikshavn upper secondary school & HF-Course must study English and minimum one additional foreign language.

You can contact the school by telephone or e-mail:
Phone: (+45) 98 42 44 33
E-mail: kontakt(at)frhavn-gym